Agile overview

Agile is a work methodology that allows teams to complete small, manageable amounts of work at a consistent cadence. In agile, teams manage stories on a backlog or story board and not tasks in a project. Adobe Workfront provides tools that help teams work in an agile way.

Workfront boards are simple yet flexible tools for team collaboration. For information on boards, see Boards overview.

Additional advanced agile team tools use either Kanban or Scrum. For information on the Kanban and Scrum methodologies, see the section Decide on an agile methodology in the article Create an agile team.

To begin using advanced agile in Workfront:

  1. Create an agile team.

    For information, see the section Create an agile team or Convert an existing team into an agile team in the article Create an agile team.

  2. Configure the agile team to use Kanban or Scrum.

    For information, see Configure Kanban or Configure Scrum.

  3. Kanban teams: Manage the backlog and build the Kanban board.

    For information, see Manage the agile backlog and Kanban overview.

  4. Scrum teams: Manage the backlog, create an iteration, and build the Scrum board.

    For information, see Manage the agile backlog, Iterations overview, and Scrum board overview.

  5. Add tasks from projects to the backlog or the story board for the team.

    For information, see Manage the agile backlog, Add existing tasks or issues to the Kanban board, and Add stories to an existing iteration.

Use agile on a project

You can leverage agile functionality for your project without the administrative challenges that typically accompany agile practices (such as managing a team backlog, creating iterations, and so forth). For more information, see Manage a project in the Agile View.