Your quick guide to finding help in Adobe Workfront

Welcome to Adobe Workfront! We know you have questions and are not always sure where to start for help. This quick guide gives you answers to common questions and highlights the resources available to support your success.

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How can I get questions answered and learn about Workfront?

To learn more about Workfront, you can:

Check out Workfront on Adobe Experience League

You can use the search bar at the top of to help you find a specific article, a discussion, or training. Think of it as your search engine for all things Workfront.

Here you can also find resources such as

Ask an expert

Follow the 5-minute rule. If you can't find the answer after a few minutes, don't hesitate to reach out to Workfront Support! Workfront's Customer Support Team is dedicated to helping you with technical issues as well as accessing our community and training platform.

Our live Support engineers—based in US and EMEA—will answer your phone call in seconds. Please don't hesitate to call us!

  • 844-306-4357 (US)

  • +44(0)-1256-274200 (EMEA)

For more information, see Contact Customer Support.

Connect with peers
Workfront Community offers a network of professionals mastering modern work who actively share their insights and expertise. For more information, see The Adobe Workfront Community.
See what's new in any of the Workfront products
Visit Product releases for the latest information about what's new.
Learn on-demand and dive deep with Workfront Training
Experience League offers role-based learning paths to get planners, workers, collaborators, and system administrators up and running with key functionality in Workfront.
Expand your Workfront knowledge by exploring learning paths, video tutorials, and downloadable guides on your topics of interest.

How do other customers like me successfully use Workfront? How can I connect with peers to learn best practices and what mistakes to avoid?

The following resources can help you determine how you can use Workfront:

Workfront resources highlighting customers
This is your starting source for webinars, ebooks, whitepapers, videos, and reports.
Case studies
Read through a growing collection of 60+ case studies, highlighting customer challenges and Workfront solutions and benefits.
Workfront Community
The Workfront Community allows you to have conversations with Workfront users and experts all over the world. They're always there to help answer your questions or point you in the right direction.

How can Workfront administrators prepare for Workfront product releases?

These 3 steps can help you as a Workfront administrator stay on top of each new release:

Step 1: Learn what's coming

These resources keep you informed on what updates are releasing to Workfront:

  • Product Announcements: Looking for updates of Workfront's product roadmap? The Product Announcements page is where you can find release updates and roadmap presentations.

  • Announcement Center: Review your notifications and receive important updates from our Workfront Product team regarding information for all customers. Visit the "Notifications" section in Workfront, in your top navigation.

Step 2: Prepare for updates
  • Test the latest updates in your Workfront Sandbox.

  • Determine how those updates impact the way your people work. Our Knowledge Base and events can help! Our Product Managers often cite the direct end user or business problem solved by the functionality, helping you shortcut the change impact.

Step 3: Communicate the change
  • Send a communication to users in your organization on what will change, why it benefits them, and who they can talk to for questions.

  • To spread the work, consider identifying power users or subject matter experts to own areas of the tool from a knowledge and updates perspective. This helps foster engagement and support adoption.

What if I have an idea for Workfront?

The Workfront Innovation Lab is where Authorized Support Contacts can submit, vote on, and discuss product ideas with other customers.

To learn more, see the article The Innovation Lab.

How do I integrate and connect tools with Workfront?

The following resources can help you learn more about the Workfront API and other integrations:

Adobe Workfront integrations
You can integrate Workfront with third-party applications. Integrations can extend the utility of Workfront and tailor it to the needs of your organization. This Knowledge Base article covers your integration options and points you in the next direction.
Workfront built-in integrations
Workfront’s free built-in integrations allow you and your team to smoothly transition into the Workfront platform while maintaining the same workflows and processes.
Adobe Workfront Fusion
Connects Workfront to 100+ applications, making it easy to automate your business critical processes without code.

When does Workfront do maintenance? How do I find out if Workfront is down?

Subscribe to to stay informed on maintenance schedules and outage issues.

To learn more about the Workfront Status site, see The Adobe Workfront Status site.

To learn what has been fixed in a weekly Maintenance Update, see Maintenance Updates.