The Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab enables authenticated users to submit, vote on, and discuss ideas with fellow customers.

As an authenticated user, you can:

  • Submit product ideas
  • Vote on as many ideas as you want. You can vote for or against each idea, but you can vote only once per idea. Be judicious and vote for the ideas you want to see gain traction!
  • Prioritize ideas twice a year using the Leaderboard. You will be given 10 additional points to distribute across a curated list of top ideas put forth by the Workfront Product team.

To vote on an idea:

  1. Log in to the Adobe Workfront Community on the Adobe Experience League site at the following URL: Adobe Workfront Community.

  2. Click the Ideas tab.

  3. Search for the idea you would like to vote on.

  4. Click on the idea.

  5. Next to the idea’s title are an up arrow and a down arrow. Clicking the up arrow allows you to vote on and distribute 10 points to the idea.

When an idea achieves a critical mass, the Workfront Product Management team actively reviews the suggested idea and communicates a decision about that idea within 3 to 4 weeks. The voting threshold that prompts Workfront to take action is 450 points. Over the coming years, Workfront will continue to periodically review and revise the threshold as the number of participants grows.

After an idea has been submitted, the idea defaults to the following status:

  • Seeking Votes: The idea has been submitted and is seeking votes. The more points the idea gets, the more likely it is to receive attention and/ or make the curated list.

After the critical threshold of 450 points is reached, the idea will have one of the following statuses:

  • Not Planned: The Product team has determined they will not create a solution.
  • On Roadmap: Workfront plans to do this at some point in the future.
  • Prioritized: An idea that was added to the curated list and deemed a winning or top idea by the community. These ideas receive top priority and attention from the Product team.
  • Partial Delivery: Part of a solution has been created and delivered. Further updates will be provided.
  • Delivered: A solution has been created and delivered. No further updates will be provided and comments will be disabled.
  • Archived: Ideas that reach the 18-month-mark (from submission date) and have less than 300 points will be archived.

To get started or to learn more, log in to the Innovation Lab at