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Welcome to the Adobe Workfront product and technical documentation home page. Use the following Adobe Workfront links, help articles, and additional resources to learn how to implement and effectively use Adobe Workfront in your organization.

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Tips for finding content in Experience League

Searching documentation can be more efficient with a few strategic approaches. Here are some tips to help you find what you need effectively:

  • Table of Contents: Start with the table of contents to get an overview of available topics and narrow down to specific topics by the expanding sections.
  • Search bar: Use the search bar to find documentation. Enter specific terms related to your issue or topic. Instead of general terms like “project management,” use “project timeline setup” or “task dependencies.”

Explore Learning and Training Sections

  • Training Materials: Navigate to the Workfront training page for a library of training videos and articles designed to help you better understand Workfront features and settings. You can also access paid training materials at
  • Courses: Find structured learning courses that guide you through using various Workfront features in a logical sequence.

Find answers in Community Forums

  • Ask Questions: If the documentation doesn’t answer your question, try posting in the Workfront Community forums where other users and experts can offer assistance.