Boards overview

Adobe Workfront Boards are flexible tools that allow team collaboration by providing access to a shared board that contains columns and cards.

Showing task status is a common use for boards, but you can group any items together. A card on a board can represent a person, group of people, idea, concept, or any type of item that you need.

Using boards, you can:

  • Quickly set up a task board
  • Configure columns to show a status or category
  • Customize workflows with open-ended cards (either ad hoc cards or cards connected to Workfront tasks and issues)
  • Organize and manage work for a team in one place
  • Use agile planning tools such as an intake column for Kanban boards

For information about how to use the basic boards features, see Get started with boards: article index. For information about agile planning tools in boards, see Agile planning tools overview.

For information about using a board on a project, see Manage a project in the Agile View.

You can also access boards in the mobile app. For information, see Adobe Workfront Boards for mobile.

For video walkthroughs of boards features, see Adobe Workfront Boards video demonstrations.

For information about additional agile tools in Workfront, see Agile overview.