Copy goals in Adobe Workfront Goals

You can copy goals in Adobe Workfront Goals to create a goal. Some of the original goal information transfers to the new goal.

Access requirements

You must have the following:

Adobe Workfront plan*

For the new plan and license structure:

  • An Ultimate plan
  • Or An additional license for Adobe Workfront Goals for the Prime or Select Adobe Workfront plans.

For the current plan and license structure:

  • A Pro or higher
  • An Adobe Workfront Goals license in addition to a Workfront license.
Adobe Workfront license*

New license: Contributor or higher


Current license: Request or higher

For more information, see Adobe Workfront licenses overview.


New product requirement, one of the following:

  • A Select or Prime Adobe Workfront plan and an additional Adobe Workfront Goals license.
  • An Ultimate Workfront plan which includes Workfront Goals by default.


Current product requirement: A Workfront plan and an additional license for Adobe Workfront Goals.

For information, see Requirements to use Workfront Goals.

Access level
Edit access to Goals
Object permissions

View or higher permissions to the goal to view it

Manage permissions to the goal to edit it

For information about sharing goals, see Share a goal in Workfront Goals.

Layout template
All users, including Workfront administrators, must be assigned a layout template that includes the Goals area in the Main Menu.

*For more information, see Access requirements in Workfront documentation.

Considerations for copying goals

You must have access to Edit Goals in your access level before you can copy goals. For information about granting access to Goals, see Grant access to Adobe Workfront Goals.

Some of the reasons you might want to copy an existing goal are:

  • At the end of a time period (quarter or year), when you want to recreate the same goal for the next period.
  • At the end of a time period, when the goal cannot be completed, and you want to work on it for another time period.
  • When multiple team members have similar goals and you might need to create one for each one of them.
You can copy a goal in any status. For information about goal statuses, see Goal status overview in Adobe Workfront Goals.

Consider the following when copying goals:

  • All information about the goal is also copied to the new goal.

  • You can select to copy the results of an existing goal. The name of the results transfer to the new goal, but the current progress of the results on the existing goal does not copy to the new goal. The copied results are assigned to the same owner, by default.

    note note
    If the original owner was deleted or deactivated from Workfront, the new result is assigned to the logged in user.
  • You cannot copy the activities of a goal when you copy the goal.

Copy goals

  1. Go to a goal and click the More menu , then click Copy Goal.

  2. Update the following information for the copied goal:

    • Goal name: The name of the new goal. The default name for the copied goal is “Copy of <original goal>”.

    • Period: The time period during which you want to achieve the goal. Select a time period from the drop-down menu


      Select Enable custom dates to specify custom dates for the goal’s Start and End dates. The Enable custom dates setting is disabled by default.

      note tip
      Deselecting Enable custom dates reverts to the original goal’s time period.
      • Goal owner: The owner of the goal. It can be a user, team, group, or a company. The default is the owner of the original goal.

      • Description: Additional information about the goal.

      • Copy results: Select this option if you want to transfer the results from the current goal to the copied goal. This duplicates the original results and attaches them to the copied goal. The results of the copied goal have the same owner, names, and measured values as the results of the original goal.

        note note
        • The progress of the original result does not transfer to the copied goal.
        • If the original owner was deleted or deactivated from Workfront, the new result is assigned to the logged in user.
  3. Click Copy goal.

    A goal similar to the original one is created and it is in a status of Draft.

    note note
    If you have not copied the results from the original goal, you must first associate the new goal with a progress indicator before you can activate it and start working towards achieving it.
    For information about associating goals with progress indicators, see the following articles:
    For information about activating goals, see Activate goals.