Activate goals in Adobe Workfront Goals

When you create a goal, Adobe Workfront Goals saves it with a status of Draft. Drafted goals are not part of goal management.

To keep track of how close you are to achieving a goal by updating its progress, you must activate it. This changes its status to Active.

For information about creating a goal, see Create goals in Adobe Workfront Goals.

You must activate a goal before you can update the progress of its results and activities.

Access requirements

You must have the following:

Adobe Workfront plan*
Pro or higher
Adobe Workfront license*

Request or higher

For more information, see Adobe Workfront licenses overview.


You must purchase an additional license for the Adobe Workfront Goals to access functionality described in this article.

For information, see Requirements to use Workfront Goals.

Access level configurations*

Edit access to Goals or higher


If you still don't have access, ask your Workfront administrator if they set additional restrictions in your access level. For information on how a Workfront administrator can change your access level, see:

Object permissions

Manage permissions to the goal

For information about sharing goals, see Share a goal in Workfront Goals.

*To find out what plan, license type, or access you have, contact your Workfront administrator.


You must have the following before you can start:

  • A Layout Template that includes the Goals area in the Main Menu.

To activate a goal requires that the goal is associated with a progress indicator like an activity, result, project, or it is aligned to another active goal.

Do at least one of the following to be able to activate a goal:

Activate goals

You can activate goals you created or a goal that you have Manage permissions to.

  1. Go to a goal that you want to activate. The goal page opens.

  2. Click the More menu to the right of the goal name, then click Activate.

    The goal status changes to Active. You can now track progress on the goal and the goal displays in the Check-in section as well as is taken into account in the Graphs sections of Workfront Goals