Send Adobe Workfront actual hours updates to an an Anaplan list item

This integration scenario shares actual hours details captured on an Adobe Workfront project with an Anaplan budget list item. Sharing this information allows you to take better advantage of the spend optimization and financial analysis that Anaplan provides.

This scenario template delivers a list of hours summarized by project, day, and role recorded on active projects over then last 3 months.

“Campaign” in this article refers to the marketing campaign use case that this scenario represents, and is in no way connected to the Workfront Fusion Adobe Campaign connector or to the recently deprecated Campaign object in Workfront.

Access requirements

You must have the following access to use the functionality in this article:

Adobe Workfront plan*
Pro or higher
Adobe Workfront license*
Plan, Work
Adobe Workfront Fusion license**
Workfront Fusion for Work Automation and Integration
Your organization must purchase Adobe Workfront Fusion as well as Adobe Workfront to use functionality described in this article.

*To find out what plan, license type, or access you have, contact your Workfront administrator.

**For information on Adobe Workfront Fusion licenses, see Adobe Workfront Fusion licenses

Triggering Event

This scenario is scheduled to execute every 15 minutes.

Expected Workfront Configuration

You must have the following in Workfront to use this scenario:

  • A user profile in Workfront named Anaplan Integration, that has system administrator rights.

    For information on creating a user in Workfront, see Add users.

Expected Anaplan Configuration

You must have the following in Anaplan to use this scenario:

  • A user profile in Anaplan named Workfront Integration, that has system administrator rights.

  • The Anaplan Model that you want to use for this scenario.

  • The List within the Anaplan Model that you want to use for this scenario.

  • A file in Anaplan named Anaplan Actual Hours Import that contains the following columns, in this order:

    1. Workfront Project GUID

    2. Hours

    3. Hours Estimated Cost

    4. Entry Date

    5. Role Name

    6. Campaign Name

    7. Anaplan List Item ID

    To prepare the Anaplan Actual Expense Report file:

    1. Copy and paste the following into a text editor or Excel

    2. Save the file in a CSV format

    3. Upload the file into Anaplan.

      For instructions, see the Anaplan documentation about importing data into modules from a file.

    4. Make note of the name you gave to the file; it will be used during the deployment of the Fusion scenario template.

    Example CSV contents

    code language-none
    Workfront Project GUID,Hours,Hours Estimated Cost,Entry Date,Role Name,Workfront Project Name,Item ID
    6218062a000d0442903fcfa21e11f556,2,0,3/7/22,Designer,New Project 6,202000001030
  • A Project Actual Hours Import process prepared to execute the import of data delivered in a file upload.

For instructions on any of these actions, see the Anaplan documentation.

Deploying to Workfront Fusion

Complete the following steps to deploy this integration scenario to your Fusion account. This should only be done after completing the required Workfront and Anaplan configuration.

  1. Navigate to the Templates menu in Workfront Fusion and click the Send Workfront actual hours updates to Anaplan list item scenario template.

  2. Replace the variable values for the following Anaplan variables:

    table 0-row-2 1-row-2 2-row-2 3-row-2 4-row-2 5-row-2 6-row-2 layout-auto
    Variable name Replace value with
    Anaplan Workspace ID The ID of a workspace from your Anaplan account.
    Anaplan Model ID The ID of a model from your Anaplan account and the selected workspace.
    Campaign List Name The name of the list from your Anaplan account and the selected workspace & model.
    File Name: Actual Hours Import

    Tthe name of the file that will receive project actual hours data.

    (Example: WorkfrontUpdateLinkedProjects_HoursRoles.csv)

    Process Name: Actual Hours Import

    The name of the process that will execute the import of project hours data.

    (Example: WF Int - Load Project Hours by Role)

    Workfront Subdomain The subdomain of your Workfront account. This is used to create a link back to your Workfront project in a note that may be generated.

    Details on how to set up the files and processes are provided in the Anaplan setup documentation.

  3. Select or add an Anaplan connection profile.

  4. Update all remaining Anaplan modules with an Anaplan connection, when prompted.

  5. Select or add a Workfront connection profile.

  6. Update all remaining Workfront modules with a Workfront connection, when prompted.

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