Approve a timesheet

The process of approving timesheets provides managers with visibility into the work hours of their direct reports. Approvers can verify that all time recorded has been allocated in the correct areas and that a sufficient number of hours have been recorded for the period.

Adobe Workfront provides the ability to configure timesheet approvals to support in this area.

For information on submitting a timesheet, see Submit a timesheet for approval.

Access requirements

You must have the following access to perform the steps in this article:

Adobe Workfront plan*
Adobe Workfront license*

*To find out what plan or license type you have, contact your Workfront administrator.

Designate timesheet approvers

Typically, timesheets are approved by functional managers or human resources personnel. (Timesheets are not normally approved by project managers.)

A timesheet approver is defined when creating the Timesheet Profile. You must have a Plan license to be designated as an approver.

For more information about designating timesheet approvers, see the section Create or edit a timesheet profile in the article Create, edit, and assign timesheet profiles.

Approve a timesheet

You can approve any timesheets that have been submitted where you have been designated as an approver. When a timesheet is submitted for approval, the timesheet is listed in the Approvals  area on your Home  page. For more information, see Approving work.

If the Workfront administrator has enabled the Timesheet Approval to User and the Timesheet Rejection to User event handlers, you are notified after the timesheet is approved or rejected. For information about enabling event notifications, see Event notification types.

To approve a timesheet:

  1. Click the Main Menu icon in the upper-right corner of Adobe Workfront.

  2. Click Timesheets.

  3. Select the My Timesheet Approvals in the upper-right corner of the page to view only timesheets that you approve


    Select the My Timesheet Approvals filter at the top of the timesheet list.

    note note
    The My Timesheet Approvals option does not display at the top of the timesheet list or in the list of filters if your Workfront administrator or a group administrator removed the My Timesheet Approvals filter from either the List Controls in the Setup area or from your Layout Template. For more information see the following articles:
  4. (Optional) Click the search icon at the top of the timesheet list and type a keyword to locate a specific timesheet. You can search for a time frame, or an owner or approver’s name.

  5. Click the time frame for the timesheet you want to approve. The timesheet opens.

    note tip
    Timesheets awaiting approval have a status of Submitted.
  6. Click Approve


    If you want to reject the timesheet, click Reject in the lower-left corner of the timesheet.

    If approved, the timesheet status changes to Closed.

    If rejected, the timesheet status changes to Rejected.