Reply to email notifications

Depending on how your email notifications are configured, you might receive an email notification when an update is made to certain objects to which you have access.

You can reply to an update from an email notification in the following ways:

  • Use the Comment button inside the email to navigate back to Workfront and reply to the update in the Updates area.
  • Reply to the email that you receive. Your reply email is added as a Workfront reply to the original comment.

You can respond to Workfront email that is generated from comments made to the following objects:

  • Project
  • Task
  • Issue
  • Document
  • Template and template task
  • Portfolio
  • Program
  • Iteration
  • Timesheet

Access requirements

You must have the following access to perform the steps in this article:

Adobe Workfront plan
Adobe Workfront license*

New: Contributor or higher for issues and documents; Light or higher for all other objects

Current: Request or higher for issues and documents; Review or higher for all other objects

Access level configuration
View or higher access to the objects where you want to post the reply
Object permission
View or higher permissions to the objects where you want to post the reply

*To find out what plan, license type, or access you have, contact your Workfront administrator. For more information, see Access requirements for Workfront documentation.

Reply to an update from an email notification

When you receive an email notification, you can quickly open the associated Workfront object from the email notification, and add a reply directly to the communication thread.

  1. Open the email notification generated by an update in Workfront.


  2. Click Comment from the email notification.

    The Details page for the object opens in Workfront.

  3. Go to the update to which you want to add a reply.

    In addition to seeing the users who are actively engaged in the conversation, you can see who was tagged in each reply at the top of that update thread. These users, along with any users subscribed to the object, receive notification whenever an update or reply is made on the object. To tag more users, see Tag others on updates.

  4. Click Reply, enter your reply, then click Reply.

    The reply is added as a new comment to the commenting thread.

Add an update to an object by replying to an email notification

When you receive a Workfront email notification, you can quickly add an update to the communication thread without logging in to Workfront.

  • You must have permissions to at least View the object that triggered the update before you can reply to the email notification.

  • To avoid submission errors, Outlook users should delete the existing email content before typing your reply.

To add an update to a Workfront email:

  1. From your email application, open the Workfront email to which you want to respond, then open a reply email window from the original email.

    note note
    You cannot reply to an email notification that has been forwarded to you from someone else.
  2. Type your update in the email reply.

    Attachments are not permitted, and any Rich Text formatting applied to an update in an email does not display on the update when viewed in the Updates tab.

  3. Click Send.

    Your update is added as a reply to the communications thread of the object.