Adobe Workfront built-in integrations overview

You can integrate Adobe Workfront with third-party applications, as well as other Adobe products. These integrations can extend the utility of Workfront and tailor it to the needs of your organization. For example, if you are a creative worker in the marketing industry, you can use the Adobe Workfront plugin for Creative Cloud applications to export assets directly from Photoshop to Workfront.

Your Workfront administrator must enable and configure built-in integrations before you can use them. To learn which built-in integrations are used within your organization, contact your Workfront administrator.

Available built-in integrations

The following built-in integrations are currently available in Workfront.

Adobe Creative Cloud

  • Integrate Workfront comments and approvals with the following Adobe Creative Cloud applications:

    • InDesign
    • Illustrator
    • Photoshop
    • XD
    • Premiere Pro
    • After Effects
  • Download/install from Adobe Exchange.

For information and instructions, see Install the Adobe Workfront plugin for Creative Cloud Applications.


  • Link documents and folders to Workfront


  • Link documents and folders to Workfront

G Suite

  • Add a Google Workspace email to a project or task
  • View and manage Workfront notifications in Gmail
  • Submit requests via Gmail

Google Drive

  • Link documents and folders to Workfront


  • Create new tickets in Jira based on tasks and issues in Workfront
  • Sync updates and statuses of linked tasks between Workfront and Jira
Microsoft Calendars (Office 365 / Outlook Live)
  • Integrate with a web-based version of Outlook in cloud-hosted Office 365 or Outlook Live.

  • Display all events from your Outlook calendar and any associated calendars you select, such as Birthdays and Holidays calendars, in your Home Calendar.

    Note: The Outlook calendar configuration is completely separate from the Outlook Add-in (Outlook Integration or Workfront for Outlook). There's no installation required to configure the calendar.

Microsoft OneDrive

  • Link documents and folders to Workfront

Microsoft Outlook

  • Update an existing project/task/issue with info from an email
  • Convert emails into Workfront items right from your inbox
  • Create new tasks from an email
  • Comment on Workfront items

Microsoft Teams

  • Get Workfront notifications in Microsoft Teams
  • Make approval decisions
  • Search for Workfront projects, tasks, and issues
  • Create Workfront personal tasks
  • Submit Workfront requests


  • Create new Workfront requests from Salesforce
  • Create Workfront projects from Salesforce


  • Link documents and folders to Workfront


  • Receive Workfront notifications in Slack
  • Manage approvals in Slack
  • Create Workfront tasks and issues from Slack
  • Post comments to a project or task from Slack


  • Link documents and folders to Workfront
Workfront Fusion*
  • Automate workflows within Workfront

  • Connect apps and web services to Workfront

*Available at an additional cost.

Other Workfront integrations

The integration you want might not be a built-in integration. However, Workfront offers other ways to integrate with the app or web service of your choice. For more information on other ways to integrate with Workfront, see Adobe Workfront integration methods.