2018.3 Beta Final

This page describes all changes most recently available in the Preview environment with the 2018.3 Beta Final release. The functionality will be available in the Preview environment on October 10, 2018. It will be made available in the Production environment in November 2018.

Functionality described on this page is subject to change prior to availability in the Production environment.

For a list of all changes made in 2018.3, see  2018.3 release activity overview.

The 2018.3 Beta Final release contains the following enhancements:

Two-Way Sync between Home Calendar and Outlook Calendar two-way-sync-between-home-calendar-and-outlook-calendar

When you configure your Home calendar to sync with your Outlook Calendar, items from your Home calendar now appear in your Outlook Calendar.

Previously, you could sync items only from your Outlook Calendar to your Home Calendar.

For information on configuring your Home calendar to sync with Outlook, see Configure your Home Calendar view settings.

Updates for Adding New Tasks in Home updates-for-adding-new-tasks-in-home

  • You can now update the Planned Completion date on a Personal Task.
  • You can now assign Teams and Roles to Requests and Project Tasks created in Home.

For more information about the updates above, see  Create work items from the Home area.

Proofing Markup Tools Now Expanded by Default proofing-markup-tools-now-expanded-by-default

Now, when you open a proof in the proofing viewer, the markup tools are expanded horizontally across the top of the viewer.

Previously, you had to click to expand these tools in a vertical menu.

For more information, see  Configure proofing viewer settings.

Microsoft OneDrive Document Integration microsoft-onedrive-document-integration

You can now integrate your Microsoft OneDrive account with Workfront and link OneDrive documents and folders to Workfront items.

Prior to this enhancement, you could link the following third-party document storage providers with Workfront:

  • Google Drive
  • Box
  • Dropbox
  • WebDAM

For information about document integrations, see Configure document integrations.

Workfront for Microsoft Teams Integration workfront-for-microsoft-teams-integration

You can now integrate Microsoft Teams and Workfront with a new out-of-the-box integration.

The integration provides the following capabilities:

  • Create new personal tasks
  • Make approval decisions
  • Search for and attach Workfront items to a message
  • Comment on Workfront items and reply to notifications
  • Accept new work

The integration is available at no additional charge to all the customers who have a Workfront Professional Plan or higher.

Some areas of the integration outlined in the following video have been modified. For the most recent information about Workfront for Microsoft Teams, see the Adobe Workfront for Microsoft Teams: article index section.

Updated Workfront for Adobe Creative Cloud Integration updated-workfront-for-adobe-creative-cloud-integration

In addition to redesigned and improved functionality, the Workfront for Adobe Creative Cloud integration provides the following improvements:

  • Log in using your Workfront or SAML credentials
  • Upload assets to Workfront
  • Add comments and versions to uploaded documents
  • Navigate to your work items and documents directly from the Adobe applications
  • Access your work list
  • Request a document approval
  • Perform a general search for any project, task, or issue that you have access to

The integration is available at no additional charge to all the customers who have a Workfront Professional Plan or higher.

Workfront Mobile App Improvements workfront-mobile-app-improvements

The following new features will release to the iOS and Android app stores at the time of the 2018.3 Production release:

  • First-time user experience

    When a user first logs in to the Workfront mobile app, they will be guided through a set of tips about the functionality of the app. This will be available for iOS devices only, with this release.

  • Simple task creation from the Projects, Tasks, Home, and My Work pages for the iOS mobile app

    You can now quickly add a task when accessing these pages.

  • Shortcuts from the app in the home screen:

    You can now perform the following actions by long pressing the Workfront app on your home screen:

    • Search
    • Access notifications
    • Access most recently accessed Project
    • Access most recently accessed Task or Issue
  • New push notifications and introducing actions from push notifications

    More events now generate push notifications on the Workfront mobile app.

    You can now also act on a notification message right from the notification itself.

    You can do the following by long-pressing a push notification, without having to go to the app or to the item that generated it:

    • Comment on an item
    • Accept to work on it
    • Make an approval decision
  • Support for landscape orientation for iOS devices

    We now fully support both landscape and portrait orientations for both the iOS and the Android mobile apps, except for the following iPhone sizes:

    • iPhone 5
    • iPhone 5S
    • iPhone SE
      Prior to this enhancement, the landscape orientation was supported only for Android devices.
  • Support for iOS 12 and Android P platforms

  • Support for iOS and Android tablets

    You can now use the same Workfront mobile app on your tablet that was previously available only for phones.