Look and feel updates during the 23.2 release time frame

This page describes minor updates to the look and feel of various areas of the Adobe Workfront application that were made within the 23.2 release timeframe. These enhancements will be made available in the Production environment a minimum of 2 weeks after releasing to Preview.

For a list of all changes available with the 23.2 release, see 23.2 Release overview.

Updates to the look and feel of the Drafts list in the Requests area

Preview release: April 4, 2023; Planned Production release: April 20, 2023

We have updated the Drafts list in the Requests area to make it consistent with more recent lists in Workfront.
Some of the updates include the following:

  • Replaced the “Filter by request type” filter with the standard quick filter
  • Removed the image from the Drafts list when the list doesn’t contain any requests
  • Added pagination and column sorting to the list.

For more information, see Create requests from drafts.

Smart user selection available in additional areas of Workfront

Preview release: February 9, 2023; Planned Production release: March 2, 2023

Additional user information now displays when you add users in the following areas:

  • Global search for users
  • Log In As page (this page also now has a modern look and feel, in line with other areas of Workfront)
  • New subtask form on an agile iteration story board
  • Edit iteration dialog
  • Create team dialog
  • Edit team page
  • Subscribe dialog
  • Group Add members dialog

Now, when you add a user to the areas listed above, in addition to the user’s name and avatar, their Primary Role and their email also display. This helps distinguish between multiple users with similar or identical names.

For more information, and to view a video demonstration of a similar feature, see “Smart user selection for project roles in the Edit and Details areas” in 22.4 Project enhancements.

Updated Document version icon in Document Details

We’ve updated the look-and-feel of the Document version icon. The icon now displays a red dot noting when you’re on a past version as well as a hover that says “Past version.”

New experience when copying one or multiple template tasks

Preview release: February 16, 2023; Planned Production release: March 2, 2023

To make your use of Adobe Workfront consistent everywhere in the application, we have redesigned the interface when copying or moving a template task. This is currently available when copying a template task at the task level or copying a task or multiple tasks in a list.

Some of the improvements include:

  • All information that you must update before you copy or move the template task displays on one continuous page.
  • Workfront checks whether you have access to the destination template immediately after choosing the template. Prior to this enhancement, a warning message indicating that you don’t have the correct access showed after you confirmed the copy or the move, which resulted in extra steps and the action not being allowed.
  • Ability to request access for a template where you want to copy or move the template task without leaving the Copy or Move Template Task box.

For more information, see Copy and move template tasks.