Automatic reminders vs. reminder notifications

This article describes the differences between automatic reminders and reminder notifications and provides scenarios for each. For more information on all Adobe Workfront notifications, see Adobe Workfront notifications.

Automatic reminders

The following characteristics are specific to automatic reminders:

  • Can only be turned on and edited by a Workfront administrator
  • Are triggered on all tasks and issues when they are due, late, or near the planned completion date
  • Can only be sent to the assignee, assignee’s manager, or the manager of the immediate manager.
  • Cannot not have an email template attached to them.

Scenario: If you want reminders to be triggered on all tasks and issues throughout the system, then configure the automatic reminder settings. For more information, see Set up automatic reminders.

Reminder notifications

The following characteristics are specific to reminder notifications:

  • Can be created by an administrator or any users with a Plan license and administrative access to Reminder Notifications
  • Can only be associated manually to an object
  • Can only notify regarding the attached object
  • Can be sent to various object stakeholders, such as owner, creator, approver, or assignee
  • Can either use the default email or use a customized email template that is attached

Scenario: If you want to build reminders for projects, timesheets, or want to customize reminders for tasks and issues, then configure reminder notifications. For more information, see Set up reminder notifications.