First Quarter 2024 Boards enhancements

This page describes all Boards enhancements made with the First Quarter 2024 release to the Preview environment. These enhancements were made available in the Production environment with the 24.1 release.

For a list of all changes available at this point in the First Quarter 2024 release cycle, see First Quarter 2024 release overview.

For details on how to opt in to new Boards features before the quarterly release, see Early feature opt-in for Adobe Workfront Boards.

Dynamic boards archive completed cards when the board is created

When you create a dynamic board, you have the option to include completed tasks and issues on the board. For projects with large numbers of completed tasks and issues, the dynamic board might have performance issues.

Now, when you create a dynamic board and choose to include completed work, the tasks and issues are brought onto the board as archived cards. By default, archived cards are not displayed on the board, but you can show them by enabling a configuration setting to display archived cards and filtering the board to show archived cards.

For more information, see Create or edit a board, Customize which fields are displayed on a card, and Filter and search in a board.