Adobe Workfront Boards video demonstrations

These videos will introduce you to the different types of boards available in Adobe Workfront, and show examples of how you can use boards in your daily work.

Types of boards

Basic board

A basic, or simple, board allows you to quickly get started using boards to track work. Default columns are included with the template, and you can add cards and assign work.

View a video demonstration of a basic board.

Kanban board

A kanban board can contain a backlog, or intake column, that is configured with filters to bring tasks and issues from Workfront onto the board.

View a video demonstration of a kanban board.

Dynamic board

A dynamic board allows you to automatically populate a board with cards based on a Workfront project. Using filters, cards are added to columns based on their status.

View a video demonstration of a dynamic board.

Mobile board

Boards are available in the Adobe Workfront mobile app. When you update cards in the mobile app, those updates are synced to Workfront.

View a video demonstration of a mobile board.

Examples of using boards

Board showing “my tasks”

You can use the intake column to view tasks that are assigned to you in one place. As new tasks are assigned in Workfront, they are automatically added to the intake column.

View a video demonstration of a “my tasks” board.

Planning board

Boards can help you plan out work for yourself or your team over a period of time.

View a video demonstration of a planning board.

Hybrid work management

Some teams might prefer to work on a board while others prefer the Workfront project views. Because connected cards on a board are synced to the Workfront tasks and issues, you can always see the most current details no matter which view you use.

View a video demonstration of hybrid work management.