Task dependency loop overview

When adding predecessor relationships to tasks you might encounter dependency loops. For information about predecessors, see Overview of task predecessors.

Dependency loop overview

Dependency loops happen when you have two or more tasks that depend on each other to be completed. Adobe Workfront does not allow you to create a predecessor relationship between tasks if it creates a dependency loop.

Example: Task 2 is a predecessor to Task 1, which means you must complete Task 2 before you can start working on Task 1.

If you try to make Task 1 a predecessor to Task 2, you get a dependency loop error because you cannot start Task 1 until Task 2 has been completed, but task 2 cannot be started until Task 1 is finished.

Considerations about dependency loops

  • Dependency loops can involve more than two tasks. Sometimes any number of parents of the tasks you are connecting with a predecessor relationship are the ones creating the dependency loop.
  • A dependency loop can also happen if you try to make a parent the predecessor of a child.
  • In the case of a dependency loop you cannot save the tasks or the project. In order to fix the dependency loop, you must reevaluate the predecessor relationship between the tasks listed in the error message and remove the conflicts before you can save the tasks or the project.