Adobe Workfront Goals 21.1 release activity: Week of January 11, 2021

This page describes all enhancements made with the 21.1 release for Adobe Workfront Goals to the Preview environment the week of January 11, 2021. These enhancements will be made available in the Production environment in the first quarter of 21.1.

For a list of all changes available for Workfront Goals at this point in the 21.1 release cycle, see Adobe Workfront Goals with the 21.1 release.

For a list of all changes available for all areas of Workfront at this point in the 21.1 release cycle, see 21.1 release overview.

Consistent naming between goal progress and project condition

We have updated the names of the goal Progress field to match that of the Project Condition. For this, we have made the following changes:

  • The current On Track goal Progress has been renamed to On Target (green indicator)
  • The current Behind goal Progress has been renamed to At Risk (yellow indicator)
  • The current At Risk goal Progress has been renamed to In Trouble (green indicator)

For information about how Workfront calculates goal progress, see Overview of goal progress and condition in Adobe Workfront Goals.

Consistent navigation and toolbar with new filter experience in Workfront Goals

To create a familiar experience across all Workfront products, we have redesigned the main navigation and the goal lists in Workfront Goals. This new design is consistent with the way you interact with all other areas and lists in Workfront and includes the following features:

  • The left panel now matches that of all other areas that you can access from the Main Menu.
  • A new toolbar has been added to lists to include options for pagination (Goal List, Pulse) and expanding and printing the goal list (Goal List).
  • The tabs at the top of the Workfront Goals sections have been eliminated.
  • The tabs and filters have been replaced by a new filter menu which is consistent with other filters in Workfront, like the one in the Workload Balancer. You can now apply filters to all pages of Workfront Goals except for the Check-in section. Prior to this change, the Goal Alignment chart had limited filtering options.

For an overview of the Workfront Goals sections, see Overview of the Adobe Workfront Goals sections.

For information on filters in Workfront Goals, see Filter information in Adobe Workfront Goals.

Improvements to updating results in the Goal Details panel

To incorporate some of the feedback we have received from you, we have made improvements to adding and editing results in the Goal Details panel. These improvements include:

  • Renamed the Measured Value, Starting At, and Ending At fields to Value, Initial, and Target, respectively
  • Made the Initial field editable after you save the result
  • Removed the result “Type” field

For information about adding and editing results, see the following articles:

Redesigned Goal Alignment section

To improve your interaction with it and make it more user-friendly, we have redesigned the Goal Alignment section for Workfront Goals. Some of the improvements include:

  • New card design which allows you to click directly to open Goal Details panel
  • Easier navigation to children and parent goals from the alignment chart
  • More user-friendly display for custom dates
  • The name of the goal Progress and the color indicator above the goal progress bar.

For information about navigating the Goal Alignment section, see Navigate the Goal Alignment section in Adobe Workfront Goals.