View restored item

As an Adobe Workfront administrator or a user with a Plan license, you can view which projects, tasks, issues, and documents have been restored in the past 7 days.

For information about how to restore a project, task, issue, or document after it has been deleted, see Restore deleted items.

Access requirements

You must have the following to perform the steps in this article:

Adobe Workfront plan*
Adobe Workfront license*

*To find out what plan or license type you have, contact your Workfront administrator.

View items that have been recently deleted

  1. Click the Main Menu icon in the upper-right corner of Adobe Workfront, then click Setup .

  2. Expand Recycle Bin, then click Recently Restored.

    Items are sorted by the Restore Date by default.

  3. Click the Projects, Tasks, Issues, or Documents tab, depending on the type of item that was restored.

  4. Click the linked name of the item that you want to view.

    The project, task, issue, or document is displayed.