Configure Adobe Workfront for Slack

Integrating Adobe Workfront with Slack allows you to do the following:

  • Access your Workfront work items, approvals, favorites, recent items from Slack.
  • Subscribe for, approve, assign work from Slack.
  • Create tasks and issues from Slack.
  • Receive some Workfront notifications in Slack.

Depending on how your Slack environment is configured, you can install and configure Workfront for Slack yourself, or your Workfront administrator must install and configure it first before you can configure it for yourself.

When you integrate your Slack instance with Workfront users can use Workfront while collaborating within their Slack channels. The integration can be used from any Slack environment, including the Slack mobile app.

Access requirements

You must have the following:

Adobe Workfront plan*
Pro or higher

*To find out what plan, license type, or access you have, contact your Workfront administrator.\

Prerequisites for using Workfront with Slack

  • You must have a Slack instance.

  • Your Slack system administrator must allow all Slack users to install Workfront for Slack.

  • You must have a Workfront license to be able to use the integrated features in Workfront.

    note note
    Users with any Workfront license type can access Workfront from Slack. The actions that you can perform from Slack are limited to your Workfront license and permission levels.

For more information about managing apps in Slack, see Manage Apps for Your Workspace.

Install Workfront for Slack

Each Slack user must install the Workfront app themselves in order to use Workfront from Slack.

You can install the app in the following ways:

Install the Workfront app outside Slack install-the-workfront-app-outside-slack

Follow the steps below to run the installation process and authorize Workfront for Slack on your Slack instance.

When a new version of Workfront for Slack is released, you must re-authorize the app in order to continue using it.
  1. Locate the Adobe Workfront add-on in the Slack store.

  2. Click Open in Slack.

  3. Sign in to your workspace by specifying your Slack URL and clicking Continue.\

  4. Examine the access that Slack is requesting. If you agree to this access, click Allow Access to authorize the Workfront app.

You can now access Workfront from Slack, as described in the Access Workfront from Slack section in Access Adobe Workfront from Slack.

Install the Workfront app within Slack install-the-workfront-app-within-slack

You can install the Workfront app directly from the Slack application:

  1. Navigate to your Slack URL.

    For example: <YourTeamName>


    Click the Add Apps icon in your Slack instance.

  2. Start typing Workfront in the search field.

  3. Press Enter.

  4. Select the Workfront app.

  5. Click Settings.

    The App Directory page is displayed.

  6. Click Visit App Site.

  7. Click Add to Slack.

  8. Follow the steps to finish the installation.

  9. When the installation completes, you can access Workfront from Slack, as described in the Access Workfront from Slack section in Access Adobe Workfront from Slack.