View and manage a group’s memberships

As an Adobe Workfront administrator, you can view, add, remove, export, activate, and deactivate members of any group that you manage. You can also edit their profiles, add Updates to their profiles, and assign them as additional group administrators for the group.

If there are any groups above your group, their administrators can also do these things for your group. The same is true for Workfront administrators (for any group).

Access requirements

You must have the following to perform the steps in this article:

Workfront plan*
Adobe Workfront license*


You must be a group administrator of the group or a Workfront administrator. For more information, see Group administrators and Grant a user full administrative access.

*If you need to find out what plan or license type you have, contact your Workfront administrator.

View and manage a group’s memberships

  1. Click the Main Menu icon in the upper-right corner of Adobe Workfront, then click Setup .

  2. In the left panel, click Groups.

    In the list that displays, Workfront administrators can see all groups and subgroups. Group administrators can see only the groups and subgroups they administer.

  3. Click the name of the group that you want to edit.

  4. On the page that appears, with Group Members selected in the left menu, do any of the following:

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    Add a user to the group
    1. Click Add Members , start typing the user's name, then select it when it appears.

    2. Repeat this for any other users you want to add.

      You can click the X to the right of a name if you decide not to add that user.

    3. Click Done when you are finished.

    Remove a user from the group
    1. Select one or more user name, then click Remove member .

    2. Click Remove in the warning message that displays.

      You can find a user you want to remove from the list by clicking Search people and groups in the list, typing their name in the box, then clicking the name when it appears.


      • If this group is the Home Group for a user you want to remove, you must first assign another Home Group in the user's profile. For more information, see Home Groups overview and Edit a user's profile.
      • If the group has only one group administrator and you need to remove him or her from the group, you need to assign another group administrator to the group first.
      • A user can belong individually to a subgroup as well as to the parent group. When you remove someone from a subgroup, they remain part of the parent group. Similarly, when you remove them from the parent group, they will remain part of the subgroup. If you do not want a user to have the access allowed for the parent group, you must remove the user both from the subgroups as well as the parent group, if they are listed in both places individually.
    Edit a user's profile information
    1. Select one or more user name, then click Edit .

    2. Change the user's profile information.

      For information about the changes you can make, see Edit a user's profile.

    Export user membership data
    1. Select one or more user name, then click Export .

    2. Export the data as a PDF, Excel, or tab delimited file.

      For more information about exporting data, see Export data.

    View and edit members' group roles

    The Group Role column lists each member's role. As a group administrator, you can double-click a member's role to change it.

    For members of the group who are not group administrators, this column is not editable.

    Group administrators are always at the top of the list.

    Send a comment to group members
    1. Select one or more user name, then click Update .
    2. Type the comment.
    Activate a user in Workfront Select one or more inactive users, then click Activate user to activate them in Workfront.
    Deactivate a user in Workfront Select one or more active users, then click Deactivate user to deactivate them in Workfront.
    Sort by column Click the heading of a column to sort the list by the contents in that column.