Home Groups overview

A Home Group is assigned in the user’s profile. All users are required to have a Home Group. A user can belong to more than one group, but they can have only one Home Group. For more information about Groups, see Groups overview.

Although any existing group in the system can be assigned as a user’s Home Group, we recommend creating and assigning new groups that represent larger organizational units.

When establishing Home Groups, consider how your organization divides your Adobe Workfront users. Here are a few suggestions to determine what type of groups should be used as a Home Group:

  • Groups that represent departments, such as IT or Marketing
  • Groups governed by different budgets
  • Groups located in different areas or regions
  • Groups made up of multiple teams that belong to the same cost center
If you need to reorganize your Home Groups into organizational units, you need to>
  1. Create the new group, as explained in Create a group.
  2. Reassign the new group as the user’s Home Group, as explained in Edit a user’s profile.

Layout Template management

When you assign a Layout Template to a group, all users that have the group assigned as their Home Group can see the settings specified in the Layout Template.

If a Layout Template is assigned to a Home Group, it is only visible to users assigned to that Home Group.

For more information, see Create and manage layout templates in Create and manage layout templates.

License management

Each user can be assigned to only one Home Group, which makes it easier to manage license counts.

Workfront administrators have the option to set maximum license counts for the Home Groups.

Setting a max license count allows Workfront administrators to prevent a business unit from using Workfront licenses purchased for other business units.

For more information, see Manage available licenses in your system.