Workfront Goals with the 20.3 release - August 14, 2020

Workfront Goals is available with the 20.3 release to Production only in the new Adobe Workfront experience.

With Workfront Goals, you can align strategy, goals, and work to drive execution across the organization and deliver measurable business outcomes. Define what you’re going to accomplish and why it’s important.

Workfront Goals enables you to:

  • Align everyone

    Align strategic goals to work and ensure people are prioritizing the right work.

  • Accelerate delivery

    Track and monitor progress against strategic goals to ensure success.

  • Deliver the right results

    Continuously update goal status to keep everyone focused on key initiatives.

Workfront Goals helps to keep strategic goals connected to your work. Whether you own setting strategic goals for your company, or you’re planning and prioritizing work against company initiatives, Workfront Goals can help. Easily set goals and communicate them throughout your organization so teams can prioritize efforts and measure their work against those goals.

With Workfront Goals, you can seamlessly set and manage goals in a single platform and measure work against those goals to provide answers to questions like:

  • How is my work impacting the progress towards the strategic goals?
  • What is the progress of my KPIs against my goals?
  • What work is at risk, behind, or on track to hit my goals?

For more information about Workfront Goals, see Adobe Workfront Goals overview.