Adobe Workfront Goals overview

Your organization must have the following to use the functionality described in this article:

  • For the new plan and license structure:

    • An Ultimate plan


      An additional license for Adobe Workfront Goals for the Prime or Select Adobe Workfront plans. For information, see Adobe Workfront plan.

  • For the current plan and license structure:

    • A Pro or higher
    • An Adobe Workfront Goals license in addition to a Workfront license.

Contact your Workfront account manager to learn about a Workfront Goals license.

Workfront Goals helps you define, communicate, and achieve strategic outcomes by connecting strategy to work execution and delivery. You can focus everyone’s efforts on what truly matters, make progress measurable, and enable teams to accomplish amazing results. People can do their best work knowing their contributions have a meaningful impact.

Workfront Goals is an add-on module for the core Workfront work management platform. It is intended to work together with Workfront, with which it shares many of the setup elements and configuration entities, such as users, teams, groups, and projects.

For more information about best practices for using Workfront Goals, see Get started with Adobe Workfront Goals.

Strategic goals that you manage using Workfront Goals should not be confused with project-level goals that are part of the project’s Business Case. For information about project-level goals, see Create Business Case goals.

Features included with Workfront Goals

The following functionality is currently included with Workfront Goals: