Proof Roles overview

Proof roles allow you to grant permissions on individual proofs. Proof roles are different from Proof permission profiles. For more information about Proof Permission Profiles, see Proof Permission Profile overview.

Proof Roles

Proof roles are granted to users for an individual proof at the time the user is invited to review the proof. If you have a Workfront Pro+ plan, you can grant proofing roles to users with a Work or Plan license. If you have a Workfront Premium Legacy plan, you can grant proofing roles to users with a designated proofing license. For more information, see Access to proofing functionality in Workfront.

Users on new Workfront plans can grant author or moderator roles to any users in the system. Users on legacy plans can grant author or moderator roles to any user with a proof license in the system.

The proof role defines what actions a reviewer can take in relation to that specific proof.

Example: If you are assigned the Reviewer role, you are being asked to review the proof by adding markups and comments, but you do not have the option to approve or deny the proof.

Certain proof roles give a reviewer edit rights on the proof (even if their account profile doesn’t) and lets them use some additional features like adding actions on comments, creating new versions, and adding more reviewers to the proof.

View a proof
Add markups
Add comments
Edit own comments if there are no replies
Make a decision
Delete comments made by others
Resolve comments
Apply Actions to Comments
Edit the proof
Share the proof with others
Create new version
View approval requests in the Home area
Add new reviewers
Read Only
Reviewer & Approver