21.3 Proofing enhancements

This page describes all Proofing enhancements made with the 21.3 release to the Preview environment. These enhancements were made available in the Production environment the week of July 21, 2021.

For a list of all changes available with the 21.3 release, see 21.3 Release overview.

Remove ability to create a new document or proof version in a linked folder

We removed the ability to create a new version of a document or proof within a linked folder. You can still create a new version of a linked document or proof if they are outside of a linked folder.

Previously, this option still displayed for documents and proofs in linked folders, but users were unable to create a new version of a document.

Users added to a proof automatically granted View access on a document

This feature was released to the Preview environment on May 20, 2021. It was released to the Production environment on June 17, 2021.

Users with Reviewer or Read-only selected as their proof role are automatically granted View access on the document if they had none previously.

Previously, users with the proof roles mentioned above had to request access to documents when they were added to the proof.