Adobe Workfront for Microsoft Teams Overview

The Adobe Workfront for Microsoft Teams integration is currently supported only for the classic Microsoft Teams experience.

As a team owner In Microsoft Teams, you can install the Adobe Workfront for Microsoft Teams app for your team.

Using Workfront for Microsoft Teams allows you to perform a number of actions in Workfront without ever leaving Microsoft Teams.

For more information about installing Workfront for Microsoft Teams, see Install Adobe Workfront for Microsoft Teams.

After you have installed Workfront for Microsoft Teams, you can do the following without leaving your instance of Microsoft Teams:

Consider the following when working with Workfront for Microsoft Teams:

  • You do not need to be a Workfront Administrator to install Workfront for Microsoft Teams.
    The app is free and you can add it to your team if you are also a team owner in Microsoft Teams.
  • Any user in the Microsoft Team can use the app if it has been installed by a team owner and if they have a Workfront account.
  • If more than one team needs to have access to Workfront from Microsoft Teams, you must install the app for each team.
  • You can view some information about the Workfront items in Microsoft Teams. For example, the name, status, priority, assignee, Planned Completion Date of a Workfront item. This information cannot be customized.
  • You can directly go to the Workfront items and documents from Microsoft Teams.
  • Microsoft Teams no longer supports Internet Explorer. To use the Adobe Workfront for Microsoft Teams integration, you must use a web browser other than Internet Explorer.