Overview of the issue Planned Completion Date

The Planned Completion Date of an issue is the date by which the issue is expected to complete.

You can either specify the Planned Completion Date of an issue, or you can leave it up to Adobe Workfront to calculate it depending on certain criteria.

The Planned Completion Dates of issues do not affect the Planned Completion Date of the project. Only tasks’ Planned Completion Dates affect the Planned Completion Date of the project. For more information about the project Planned Completion Date, see Set the project Planned Completion Date.

The Planned Completion Date of an issue differs from the Commit Date of the issue or the Projected Completion Date of the issue in the following ways:

Manually set the Planned Completion Date of an issue

You must have Edit access to Issues and Manage permissions on the issue to be able to update the Planned Completion Date of the issue.

You can manually set the Planned Completion Date of an issue in the following areas of Workfront:

How Workfront automatically calculates the Planned Completion Date for an issue

When Workfront calculates the Planned Completion Date of an issue automatically, the following can influence the date:

  • Planned Start Date

    The Entry Date and Planned Start Date should match on an issue when you first create the issue.

  • The Default Duration as configured in the Queue Details section of the project. For information, see Create a Request Queue.

    If the Default Duration is 0 Days, the Planned Completion Date matches the Planned Start Date of the issue.

  • Project Schedule

When set automatically, the Planned Completion Date is determined based on the following calculation:

Planned Completion Date = Planned Start Date (or Entry Date + Default Duration

Example: For example, if your task has a start date of Friday, January 14 and the Default Duration is 5 Days, the Planned Completion Date is Friday, January 21, if the Project Schedule is Monday-Friday for 8 hours a day.

The following situations exist:

  • If the project does not have a Schedule, the Default Schedule of your Workfront system is taken into account. For information, see Schedules overview.
  • If the Schedule is Monday-Friday 9 AM to 1PM (4 hours a day) and your Workfront system’s Typical hours per work day is 8 hours, the Planned Completion Date is January 27.
Workfront takes into account Schedule Exceptions like holidays and weekends when calculating Planned Completion Dates.