Create tasks in a project

You can create tasks in a project only after you create the project.

For example, after creating a project, you might want to add tasks and modify them to organize the project plan. For more information about creating a project, see Create a project.

For information about creating personal tasks that are not in a project, see the Create a personal task section in the article Create work items from the Home area.

This article describes how you create tasks from scratch. You can also create tasks in the following ways:

Access requirements

Adobe Workfront plan
Adobe Workfront license

Current: Work or higher


New: Standard

Access level configurations*
Edit access to Tasks and Projects
Object permissions

Contribute permissions to the project with ability to Add Tasks or higher

When you create a task you automatically receive Manage permissions to the task

For information about task permissions, see Share a task.

For information on requesting additional permissions, see Request access to objects.

For more detail about the information in this table, see Access requirements in Workfront documentation.

Create tasks in a project

  1. Go to the project where you want to create a task.

  2. Click Tasks in the left panel.

  3. (Conditional) If you are currently viewing the task list in an agile view, click the List View icon in the upper-right corner to display the task list.

  4. (Optional) Click the Plan Mode icon and select Manual Save, then select either Standard or Timeline Planning. This disables the Autosave option which is enabled by default.

    Select Manual Save

    note tip
    You can reverse your changes when you select Manual Save.
  5. Create a new task by doing one of the following:

    • Click New Task at the top of the task list.
    • Click Add More Tasks at the bottom of the task list.

  6. (Conditional) If you clicked New Task do the following:

    1. Specify any of the fields on the limited list of fields inside the New Task box, then click  Create Task if you want to quickly create a task.


      To update all fields for the task, click More Options to open the Create Task box.

      The Create Task box opens.

      note note
      Depending on how your Workfront administrator sets up our Layout Template, the fields in the Create Task box might display different fields in your environment. For information, see Customize the Details view using a layout template.
    2. Specify information for the following areas in the left panel of the Create Task box:

      • Task Name

      • Overview

      • Assignments

      • Custom Forms

      • Finance

      • Settings

        For information about defining all task-related fields on a task, see Edit tasks.

    3. (Conditional and optional) If you want the task to be recurring, update the Recurrence Frequency field. For more information about creating recurring tasks, see Create recurring tasks.

    4. (Optional) Click Documents in the left panel to attach a document to the new task, then click Add or link files to add a document to the task from your computer, another service, or to link documents and folders from your computer or another service.

  7. (Conditional) If you clicked Add More Tasks in step 5, start entering the task information using in-line editing, then press Enter.

    We recommend using this option especially when adding multiple tasks to the list.

  8. (Conditional) Do one of the following:

    • If you clicked New Task in step 5, click Create task to save your changes and add the new task to your project.

    • If you clicked Add More Tasks in step 5 do the following:

      1. Click anywhere in the browser to submit your changes, or press Enter.

      2. (Optional) In the task list, select the newly created task, then click Indent.

        This makes the new task a child or subtask of the previous task.

        For more information about children tasks, see Tasks overview.

      3. (Conditional) If you disabled the Autosave option after pressing Add More Tasks, you may do the following:

        • Click Undo at any time to reverse your last change, or Cancel to reverse all the changes you made to the task list.
        • If you previously clicked Undo, click Redo to re-apply the last change you canceled.
        • Click Save to save your changes to the task list.