Workfront for Experience Manager enhanced connector metadata overview

Workfront for Experience Manager enhanced connector can capture the metadata from ideation to delivery automatically. Increase your content velocity by improving searchability within your asset repository. Users can easily find all assets associated with a particular Workfront project by searching the project title, reference number, date, or any other associated metadata properties.

Metadata best practices

Workfront for Experience Manager enhanced connector is capable of mapping all custom form fields. Following is a list of the common metadata fields to capture in Workfront and attach to your digital assets as they are sent to Experience Manager Assets.

  • Project details

    • Project name
    • Project ID or reference number
    • Project description
    • Project start and end date
    • Stakeholder
    • Sponsoring department
  • Document details

    • Document name
    • Document ID or reference number
    • Document description
  • Task details

    • Task name
    • Task ID or reference number
    • Task description
    • Assignee
    • Total logged hours
  • Issue details

    • Issue name
    • Issue ID or reference number
    • Issue description
    • Assignee