20.3 Analytics enhancements

This page describes all analytics enhancements made with the 20.3 release to the Production environment. These enhancements were made available in the Production environment the week of August 10, 2020.

For a list of all changes available with the 20.3 release, see 20.3 release overview.

Enhanced analytics is here!

Enhanced analytics is now available in Workfront. This feature gives you a high-level overview of your work with visualizations that show you:

  • What has happened on a project
  • Which projects are receiving the most focus
  • The condition of your in-flight projects
  • What events extended project completion past deadlines
  • Whether or not work is being distributed appropriately

You can focus on different projects or narrow the amount of projects you’re looking at by applying filters or changing the date range.

In addition to the insights you can gain, you can also complete actions on tasks–such as updating the status, asking for an update, assigning the task to someone, etc.–directly from the Enhanced analytics area.

For more information, see Enhanced analytics overview.