Open proofs in the Desktop Proofing Viewer

If you cannot open a proof as described below, contact your Adobe Workfront administrator or your Workfront Proof administrator.

Access requirements

You must have the following access to perform the steps in this article:

Adobe Workfront plan*

Current plan: Pro or Higher


Legacy plan: Select or Premium

For more information about proofing access with the different plans, see Access to proofing functionality in Workfront.

Adobe Workfront license

Current plan: Work or Plan

Legacy plan: Any (You must have proofing enabled for the user)

Proof role
Proof Permission Profile
Manager or higher

Latest version: 2.1.34 as of 3/06/2024


Open proofs from the Desktop Proofing Viewer

If you regularly review interactive content in the Desktop Proofing Viewer, your Workfront administrator can set the Desktop Proofing Viewer as your default viewer. For more information, see User Setting for Opening Non-Interactive Proofs in the Desktop Proofing Viewer in the article, Understand the Desktop Proofing Viewer.

  1. In the Desktop Proofing Viewer, type your Proof URL.

    For information about accessing proof URLs, see Access a proof shared with you.

    note note
    The Desktop Proofing Viewer does not support websites that require you to log in.
  2. Click  Open Proof  in the screen that appears.