Manage Adobe Workfront notification details from Google Workspace

The most recent version of the Adobe Workfront plugin for Google was released on June 26, 2023.

In Google Workspace, when you open a notification email Adobe Workfront has sent, you can view the associated work item details and respond without leaving your Inbox. If actions are available, such as approving a request, you can perform those actions directly from Workfront for Google Workspace.

Workfront for Google Workspace supports almost every type of email notification you can receive from Workfront (about 120 different types). Daily digest emails sent from Workfront do not appear in Workfront for Google Workspace. For information about the Workfront email notification types, see Modify your own email notifications.

Access requirements

You must have the following access to perform the steps in this article:

Adobe Workfront plan*
Adobe Workfront license*
Work, Plan

*To find out what plan, license type, or access you have, contact your Workfront administrator.


Before you can manage notification details from Google Workspace, you must

Manage Adobe Workfront notification details from Google Workspace

  1. If the Workfront for Google Workspace panel is not displayed, click the Workfront icon in the Google Workspace add-ons sidebar at the far-right of the page.

  2. In Google Workspace, open a Workfront notification email.

  3. Click View all updates if it is displayed near the top of the panel.

  4. Click Details.

  5. Click any available options.

    The options that might display relate to the type of email notification you have opened. For example, if it’s an email notification asking you to approve a task, you see Approve and Reject instead of options such as Work on It or Done:

    table 0-row-2 1-row-2 2-row-2 3-row-2 4-row-2 5-row-2 6-row-2 layout-auto
    Type of email notification Action
    Task or issue Approve it, Reject it, Grant access to it, Ignore a request for access to it, Work on it, or click an option to indicate that you are Done with it
    Project Approve it, Reject it, Grant access to it, or Ignore a request for access to it
    Document Approve it, Reject it, Grant access to it, or Ignore a request for access to it

    View any part of the entire list of updates for the item so that you have the context you need to Post a new update or a Reply. You can click Notify to alert particular users about your reply.

    For more information, see Reply to a Adobe Workfront update notification from Google Workspace.

    Approval request Approve or Reject it (you can change your mind by clicking the other option), download it, view its owner, or view its reference number
    A change in a project's status View all the current information about the project, including any custom forms.