FAQ - Workfront Proof account

This article refers to functionality in the standalone product Workfront Proof. For information on proofing inside Adobe Workfront, see Proofing.

How do I open a new Workfront Proof account?

To open a new account, go to the trial signup page and open a trial account. A member of our team will then get in touch with you to help you get started with Workfront Proof.

If you already know the system and want to sign up to a paid plan, please go to Settings > Billing and upgrade your account to one of our paid plans.

How do I add people to my account?

Administrators and Billing Administrators can add users to an account. Users have their own dashboards that help them manage their work and are able to create proofs and files in the account.

Please take a look at Create Users using Workfront Proof to find out how to add users to an account.

I forgot my password, what can I do?

Go to the login page and click on Forgot password. We will email you a reset link that will allow you to change your password.

Why are permission profiles important?

Permission profiles define what access people have over different items in your account. This is important if you don’t want people to be able to see other people’s proofs or you don’t want them to have access to Account Settings or Billing. Please take a look at the Proof Permissions Profiles in Workfront Proof article to see what profiles are available in Workfront Proof.

If you need to fine tune the permissions a bit more, you may want to consider Custom profiles. This is an Unlimited feature that allows you to create your own profiles with customized permissions. For details, please go to the Create and Manage Custom Profiles using Workfront Proof article.

What is the difference between a proof role and a permission profile?

Proof roles define what actions reviewers should be able to take on a proof (commenting, making decisions, etc).

Permission profiles define what actions users should be able to take in your account (creating proofs, editing other people’s proofs, managing Account settings, etc).

How can I organize my proofs?

The most common way of organizing proofs and files is by creating a folder structure in your account. You can have as many folders and subfolders as you need.

For example, you can create separate folders for each client and then different subfolders for each project. Alternatively, you can create folders for projects and create different subfolders for different assets. If you prefer, proof creators can simply each create their own folder for the proofs they created. Folders are described in the Folders in Workfront Proof article.

Tags are another way of organizing proofs and files in your account. You can apply multiple tags to your proofs and files, so you can use them for project names, types of content, client names, etc. You can search the account using tags and then perform different actions on the results of your search. You can also use them in your Custom Views. Please take a look at the Create and Manage Tags in Workfront Proof article to find out more about tags.

How can I give my clients a dashboard?

You can set up a Satellite account for them. Satellites are separate accounts that are managed from within the hub account. You can have multiple satellites attached to the same hub.

This setup lets you give your clients a dashboard without having to add them to your own account. It’s a great way of ensuring that your clients only see the information they are meant to see - satellite account users don’t see any details of the hub account (or any other satellites attached to the same hub). Satellite accounts are explained further in Satellite accounts in Workfront Proof.

Can I create reports using Workfront Proof?

Custom views available in Enterprise and Unlimited editions allow you to build your own views in the account. You can choose what information you want to include in that view, what filters you want to use and how to sort the information. It’s a great tool to keep track of the proofs and files in your account, but it can also be used as a reporting tool - Custom views can be exported to an Excel file, allowing you to process the data further.

Detailed instructions are available on the Create and Manage Custom Views in Workfront Proof Proof page.

What can I do if someone deletes a proof by accident?

When a proof is deleted, it’s moved to the Trash folder in the sidebar. Don’t worry if you deleted something by mistake - if you were able to delete a proof you can also recover it from Trash. Simply go to the Trash, pick the proof that you deleted and click on Restore.

More information on the Trash folder is available in the Restore and Empty the Trash in Workfront Proof article.

How can I pay for my Workfront Proof subscription?

Monthly subscriptions are paid by credit card only. Annual subscriptions have a choice between a credit card and a bank transfer.