Understand the navigation for a Review-license user

The Main Menu changes with the access level you have been assigned by your Adobe Workfront administrator. By default, you are given access only to the areas that include functionality allowed by your access level. To understand the components of the default layout of each access level, see About the default Adobe Workfront layout.

Understand the default Main Menu of a Reviewer

As a Reviewer, your main responsibility is to review, comment on, and approve work. The areas that are visible to you in the Main Menu allow you to do that.

The following areas are included in the default layout of a Reviewer:

  • My Updates: The Home area which is available to users of all access levels is replaced by the My Updates for users with a Review license type, by default. As a Reviewer, you do not complete work. You need to only see information about work you have to review, comment on, or approve. The My Updates area allows you to perform these actions. This is the default landing area for new Review users.

    note tip
    Your Workfront or Group administrator may assign you a layout template that could change your default landing page. Using a layout template, you can also view both the Home and the Updates area as a Review-license user.
  • Requests: You can submit and review requests you or other users from your company have submitted in this area.

  • Documents: You can upload documents, or review documents shared with you here.

  • Analytics: Look at project data and identify trends with planning and completion. This area displays insight into projects you have access to view. For more information, see Enhanced analytics overview.

  • Blueprints: Review existing blueprints in your system and request one to be installed, if the Workfront administrator configured the request queue for blueprints. For more information, see Blueprints overview.

Customize your default Main Menu

Your Workfront administrator can modify your Workfront default layout by assigning you a layout template. For more information about working with layout templates, see Customize the Main Menu using a layout template.