Workfront Scenario Planner with the 20.3 release - August 14, 2020

Workfront Scenario Planner is available with the 20.3 release to Production only with the new Adobe Workfront experience.

With Scenario Planner, create and compare multiple what-if scenarios to choose the best path forward. And when your priorities change, iteratively re-plan without impacting in-progress work.

Scenario Planner enables you to:

  • Create and compare Scenarios

    Easily create and view different scenarios side-by-side with minimal data required from you.

  • Highlight resource bottlenecks

    See where you’ve already committed people or budget to existing or planned work.

  • Determine a path forward

    Create and compare scenarios, facilitate collaboration and consensus, execute, and then re-plan when necessary.

Scenario Planner helps you be more agile in your planning. Whether you own the strategic plan for your company or you’re conducting quarterly planning for a single business unit, department, or team, Scenario Planner can help. Quickly and easily create and compare multiple scenarios based on constraints, such as budgets or team resources.

With Scenario Planner, you can model scenarios by objective or initiative in Scenario Planner to answer questions such as:

  • If we’re optimizing for growth vs. profitability, what are the differences in investment scenarios?
  • To hit a growth optimization target, do we need additional resources within a specific skill set?
  • To hit a profitability target, do we need to push specific initiatives out to a later date

For more information about Scenario Planner, see The Scenario Planner overview.