FAQ - Desktop Proofing Viewer

My organization doesn’t proof interactive content. Do I still need to install the Desktop Proofing Viewer?

No. The Desktop Proofing Viewer is specifically designed for real-time website proofing and for proofing interactive web content such as banner advertisements.

However, in your organization does install it, note that it can also be used for proofing any of the other types of supported static and video content.

For more information, see Differences between the Web Proofing Viewer and the Desktop Proofing Viewer overview

My organization does not allow users to install applications. Is there a way around this with the Desktop Proofing Viewer?

Unfortunately not. You need to work with your IT department to install the Desktop Proofing Viewer locally. Ask them about your organization’s process for certifying software for internal use. We can provide information on how we secure Adobe Workfront products.

Is there another way to review websites?

Yes. You can use the new Web Proofing Viewer to create a static web capture of a website. Each of the resulting pages in the proof is a screengrab of a page on the site. Reviewers can view one or more subpages within the wider site. The only requirement for this is that the website be publicly accessible by our servers.

For more information, see

How do I install the Desktop Viewer on my local system?

Open an interactive proof and download the app directly from the Launch screen.

Do new versions of the Desktop Viewer require me to re-install?

No. Updates to the Desktop Viewer are automated and require nothing from you or your end users.

Is the Desktop Viewer required when I send the proof to my external stakeholder?

Only if you are sending an interactive proof or real time website to the external stakeholder. If you are required to load the Desktop Proofing Viewer locally to view a piece of content, then any other users (internal or external) need to do the same before they can view it.

What is the status of the Legacy proofing viewer, which my organization has used for interactive proofing?

Prior to the 2018.3 release, the Legacy proofing viewer was supported. With the 2018.3 release (in November 2018), the Legacy proofing viewer and all other applications that rely on Flash have been removed and are no longer available.

For static and video proofs, the new Web Proofing Viewer is the default viewer. For interactive proofs, the Desktop Proofing Viewer is the default viewer.