Create and Manage Custom Profiles using Workfront Proof

This article refers to functionality in the standalone product Workfront Proof. For information on proofing inside Adobe Workfront, see Proofing.

Billing Administrators and Administrators can create and manage custom profiles to specify what users can do in your organization’s account and in Account settings.

This feature is available only on Premium accounts.

Module Permissions module-permissions

Module permissions let you decide what access you want your users to have over their own items and over items owned by other users in the account.

Basic access section determines if users can Read, Create, Edit, and Delete their own items in the account.

The Data administration section determines rights users have over items owned by other users in the account.

Both sections allow you to grant rights over the following items in the account:


Administrative Permissions administrative-permissions

In this section you are able to grant Administrative permissions to your users. Some permissions link and, when selected, automatically enable other permissions needed to carry out the task. For example, allowing the user to manage permission profiles automatically enables managing users in the account.

You can grant the following permissions:


Creating a New Custom Profile

  1. Navigate to Account Settings, then click the Profiles tab.

  2. Click Create New Profile.

  3. In the Profile Details section:

    1. In the Name field, specify a name for the custom profile.
    2. Select Enable profile. Screenshot_2018-04-06_12-25-09.png
  4. In the Module permissions section:

    1. Select permissions for Basic access.
    2. Data administration. For more information, see Module Permissions
  5. In the Administrative permissions section, select permissions for administrative functions.

    For more information, see Administrative Permissions.

  6. Click Create.
    The new profile is now available on the Users tab.

  7. (Optional) Assign the new profile to new and existing user accounts.
    For more information, see Proof Permissions Profiles in Workfront Proof.

Enabling and Disabling a Profile enabling-and-disabling-a-profile

  1. Navigate to Account Settings, then click on the Profiles tab.

  2. Select the profile you want to enable or disable.
    To enable or disable multiple profiles simultaneously, select the profiles manually, or select Name to select all custom profiles.

  3. Click the More drop-down menu, then click either of the following options, depending on whether you want to enable or disable the profile:

    • Enable profiles: The profile becomes active and visible in the Workfront Proof menus.

    • Disable profiles: A confirmation box appears. Select Yes to confirm. The profile becomes inactive and is removed from the Workfront Proof menus.

      note note
      A disabled profile can no longer be assigned to users in the account. If users with that profile exist in the account, select a different profile for them before the profile is disabled.


Copying a Profile

Create copies of an existing profile to set up multiple profiles with similar permissions.

  1. Navigate to Account Settings, then click the Profiles tab.

  2. Click the name of the profile and click the Copy profile button.


    The copied profile now appears on the profiles list. It has the original profiles name with the word “Copy” before it.


  3. (Optional) To enable the copied profile, see Enabling and Disabling a Profile.

  4. (Optional) To make edits to the copied profile, see Editing a Profile.

Editing a Profile editing-a-profile

If you edit a profile, updates are applied to all users who this profile is currently assigned to.

  1. Navigate to Account settings, then click the Profiles tab.

  2. Click the profile name you want to edit.

  3. Make any needed changes to the name or permissions on the profile. These changes save and update automatically.
    For more information about permissions, see Module Permissions and Administrative Permissions.

Default Workfront Proof profiles are visible in the list of profiles but cannot be modified.

Deleting a Profile

  1. Navigate to Account settings, then click the Profiles tab.

  2. Select the profile or profiles you want to delete.

  3. Click the Trash icon at the top of the page.


  4. Click Yes in the Confirm dialog box that appears.

  5. If the profile is assigned to a user, use the drop-down menu in the dialog box to select a different profile to assign to this user. Click Yes to confirm.


It is not possible to delete standard profiles from the account. It is possible to disable standard profiles if you don’t want to use them in your account.

For more information on disabling profiles, see Enabling and Disabling a Profile.