Overview of modifying issue assignments

You can assign issues to or unassign issues from users, teams, or job roles. You can assign multiple resources at the same time, or just one resource. You can assign one issue at a time, or multiple issues in bulk.

You can assign multiple users, job roles, or teams. You can assign only active users, job roles, and teams.
If a user, job role, or team was assigned before they were deactivated, they remain assigned to the work item. In this case, we recommend the following:
  • Reassign the work item to active resources.
  • Associate the users in a deactivated team with an active team and reassign the work item to the active team.

This article contains general information about the impact of modifying issue assignments. For information about how to assign issues, see the following articles:

Some information in this article also applies to assignments to tasks. For more information about assigning tasks, and additional considerations, see Overview of modifying task assignments.

When to modify user assignments on issues

You might want to modify the user assignments for multiple issues for a variety of reasons, including the following:

  • Users join or leave your team
  • A user takes a vacation that extends beyond the issue due dates
  • A specific role or user is set as the assignee for multiple issues and you want to quickly modify all items to be assigned to a different user or role

Considerations about removing assignments from issues

You can remove assignments from one issue at a time, or you can remove assignments from multiple issues in bulk.

For more information about removing assignments from issues in bulk, see Modify user assignments for multiple issues in a list.

Consider the following when removing assignments from issues:

  • When you unassign a user from an issue, the issue remains assigned to the job role that the user fulfilled on the issue.
  • When you unassign a job role or a team from an issue, the issue remains unassigned if it is not assigned to any other resources.