Brand the Workfront Proof site - advanced

This article refers to functionality in the standalone product Workfront Proof. For information on proofing inside Adobe Workfront, see Proofing.

Advanced branding is available on Select and Premium plans and is included in the cost of the plan.

For information about basic branding, which includes the login page, email notifications, and proofs, see Brand the Workfront Proof site.

Advanced branding options include customization of the following areas:

  • Header and text color
  • Web application header
  • Menu bar and text color
  • Dashboard welcome box and quickstart box
  • Footer text
  • Favicon
  • Page title
  • Help links

The following sections describe advanced branding in more detail:

Advanced Branding Overview

You’ll find the Branding configuration section in the tab of your Account Settings page. To apply the changes to your account make sure that Branding option is set to Enabled (1).

Please see the section below for more detailed information on how to configure the Advanced branding options (2-14).

Advanced Branding Configuration

You can brand the following areas of Workfront Proof:

Web Application web-application


You have a choice of three branding options for the web application header (2):

  • Branding image in the header
  • Your account name in the header
  • If you disable branding the Workfront Proof logo will remain in the header of the web app

Branding image - resizes to a maximum size of 550x90px. You can use JPGs, GIFs or PNGs, and the transparent backgrounds are supported.

Account name - taken from your account details and displayed using white font. Your account name can have up to 60 characters (including spaces and punctuation marks).

Header header

In this field (3) you can set the header’s background and you can choose a solid color or a background image.

Color - here, as in all other branding fields of the color scheme configuration you can either enter a Hex color value of your choice or use a handy color picker (clicking the text field opens the pop-up). The default header background color is #232d2e.


Background image - can be combined together with the Branding image.

  • You can use JPGs, GIFs or PNGs - for the files with transparency a white background color displays.
  • Header’s height is 96px and the uploaded image will not be resized for the No repeat option.
  • Background image is positioned to the top left.

In this field (4) you can modify the user name color and color of the links in the Header menu visible in the top right corner of your account.

Choose colors for the Menu bar (5) and Menu font (6) to customize your Sidebar


Hover color adjusts automatically by adding a constant Hex value to your selected Menu bar color.

The New proof button color cannot be customized.

Welcome Box welcome-box

In this field (7) you can set the Welcome box color that is displayed on the Dashboard page.

Section Headers section-headers

These fields allow you to customize the background (8) and the font color (9) of the section headers on the Account Settings pages.


In this field (10) of Branding configuration you can compose a footer that will be displayed at the bottom of all the account pages. You can use the built-in WYSIWYG editor or you can simply paste your own design.

You can’t edit HTML in the footer text editor, but you can paste a copied design (including all the links and images).

Favicon and Page title

You can customize how your Workfront Proof pages are presented in the browsers by setting your own favicon image (.ICO file) (11) and Page title (12) - these will be displayed in the browsers’ tabs/windows headers for all the account pages.

Your favicon will be displayed also in the headers of the Workfront Proof Viewer windows for all the proofs created on your account.

Help links

You can customize your own help links to point your users and reviewers to your own content. To activate this set the Help links option (13) to Enabled and add your links in the next fields (14). You can configure up to four links, and they will be available:

  • in the Header menu under the Help link

  • in the Help panel of the Workfront Proof Viewer sidebar

For an additional charge, customers on Enterprise plans also have the option to fully customize the following:

  • Fully customize your landing pages (e.g. login and logout pages, forgot password page)
  • Fully customize your domain

Please contact us at to find out more about the additional branding options.