Edit programs

You can edit information on programs that you have created, or that other users have created if they shared them with you.

You can edit a program in the program page or you can edit programs in a list.

Access requirements

You must have the following access to perform the steps in this article:

Adobe Workfront plan*
Adobe Workfront license*
Access level*

Edit access to Programs

Note: If you still don't have access, ask your Workfront administrator if they set additional restrictions in your access level. For information about access to programs in your Access Level, see Grant access to programs. For information on how a Workfront administrator can change your access level, see Create or modify custom access levels.

Object permissions

Manage permissions to a program

For information about granting permissions to programs, see Share a program.

For information on requesting additional permissions, see Request access to objects.

*To find out what plan, license type, or access you have, contact your Workfront administrator.

Edit programs

  1. Go to the Main Menu.

  2. Click Programs, then click the name of a program to open it.

    note tip
    You can access a program from the portfolio that it is associated with by going to the portfolio first, then clicking Programs in the left panel. For more information, see Create a program.
  3. (Optional) To edit limited information about the program, click Program Details in the left panel.

    note tip
    If you want to edit all information about the program, go to step 4.

    note note
    Depending on how your Workfront administrator or Group administrator modified your Layout Template, the fields in the Program Details area might be rearranged or not display. For information, see Customize the Details view using a layout template.

    To edit information in the Details section, do the following:

    1. (Optional) Click the Collapse All icon in the upper-right corner to collapse all areas.

    2. (Optional and conditional) When an area is collapsed, click the right-pointing arrow next to each area to expand the area you want to edit.

    3. For information about the fields visible in the Program Details section, continue with editing the program in the Edit Program box as described below.

    4. (Optional) If there are no custom forms attached to the program, start typing the name of a form in the Add custom form field, select it when it displays in the list, then click  Save Changes.

    5. (Optional) Click the Export icon to export the Overview and custom forms information to a PDF file, then click Export. Select from the following:

      • Select all (displays only when there is at least one custom form attached)
      • Overview
      • The name of one or multiple custom forms

      The PDF file downloads to your computer.

      For more information, see Export custom forms and object details.

  4. To edit all information about one or more programs do one of the following:

    • Click the More menu next to the program name, then​ Edit.
    • Go to a list of programs and select one or more program that you want to edit, then click the Edit icon at the top of the list.

    The Edit Program dialog box displays.

    All program fields are available in the Edit Program box and are grouped by the areas listed in the left panel.

  5. Consider specifying information in any of the following sections:

Overview overview

  1. Begin editing a program as described above.

  2. Click Overview and specify the following fields:

    table 0-row-2 1-row-2 2-row-2 3-row-2 4-row-2 layout-auto html-authored no-header

    Update the name of the program.

    Tip: This is not available when you selected more than one program.

    Description Type a description for the Portfolio to indicate what is unique about it.
    Program Manager

    Start typing the name of a user that you want to indicate as the program manager, then select it when it appears in the list. This is the person who can oversee the work defined in the projects of the program.

    Important: When you designate someone as the Program Manager, they automatically gain Manage permissions to the program and the projects in the program.

    Tip: You can quickly update the program manager in the program header.


    Add the name of a single group if the group is associated with the program or has responsibility for completing it.


    When accessing the Group field from the Program Details page, do the following:

    You can make sure you are selecting the right group by hovering over it and clicking the information icon that displays next to it. This displays a tooltip listing information about the group, such as the hierarchy of groups above it and its administrators.

    This option is not available in the Edit Program box.

    Is Active Select this checkbox if you want the program to be active. Other users can find active programs and attach them to projects or add them to portfolios. Inactive programs cannot be attached to projects or portfolios. This is enabled by default.
  3. Click Save Changes or continue editing the following sections.

Custom Forms

  1. Begin editing the program as described above.

  2. Click the Add Forms drop-down menu to select a custom forms and add it to the program.

    You must create program custom forms before they are available to add.

    note note
    Depending on how your Workfront administrator set the permissions for the sections in your custom form, not everyone can view or edit the same fields on a given custom form. The permissions to edit fields within a section of a custom form depend on the permissions you have on the program itself. For information about setting permissions on sections of a custom form, see Create or edit a custom form.
  3. Update any fields in the custom forms, then click Save Changes or continue with the following section.

Comment comment

  1. Begin editing a program as described above.

  2. Click  Comment.

  3. Add a comment in the Post an update to the program field.

  4. (Optional) Click the People icon to add a user or a team to the comment.

  5. (Optional) Click the Lock icon to lock the comment and make it private to only users in your company.

    After you save your changes, the comment you add displays in the program’s Updates tab and sends an email to the users included in it.