2019.1 Proofing enhancements

This page describes all proofing enhancements included with the 2019.1 release. The functionality is now available in the Production environment.

For a list of all changes made in 2019.1, see 2019.1 release activity overview.

For administrators

For all users

Configure Default Proofing Role for Non-Recipients Who Open a Proof configure-default-proofing-role-for-non-recipients-who-open-a-proof

Workfront administrators can now configure the default proofing role for users who are not designated recipients in the proof’s workflow, but who have access to the proof via its Workfront object (such as project, task, or issue).

Previously, when users and guests had access to a proof without being added to its workflow, their default proofing role was Reviewer.

This functionality applies only to proofs created in Workfront, not in Workfront Proof.

Proof Interactive Content in the Web Proofing Viewer proof-interactive-content-in-the-web-proofing-viewer

If your organization’s security policies do not allow use the standalone Desktop Proofing Viewer app, your Workfront administrator can now enable interactive content in the Web Proofing Viewer. The content must be bundled in a ZIP file before you create the proof.

For more information, see in the article .


Default Sorting Order for Comments in the Proofing Viewer is Now Oldest to Latest default-sorting-order-for-comments-in-the-proofing-viewer-is-now-oldest-to-latest

In the Proofing Viewer, the default sorting order for comments on a proof is now Oldest to Latest, as in a verbal conversation.

Previously the default sorting order was Latest to Oldest.

You can select a different sorting option and it is remembered for all other proofs you open.

For more information, see the section in the article .

Enhanced Reviewing for Comments in the Proofing Viewer Associated with a Range of Video enhanced-reviewing-for-comments-in-the-proofing-viewer-associated-with-a-range-of-video

When you are reviewing a comment associated with a range of video footage in the Proofing Viewer, you can now click Play to view the entire range of footage. The playback pauses when it reaches the end of the range. The comment remains open so you don’t lose track of where you are.

Previously, when you opened a comment for a range of video footage you had to find the beginning of the range manually by looking at the frame numbers displayed on the comment before clicking Play. Otherwise, the Proofing Viewer began playback wherever you last clicked in the video timeline and it did not pause at the end of the range. Also, the comment collapsed when you clicked Play, so it was no longer clear which comment you were reviewing.

For information about reviewing video proofs, see .


When you receive an email inviting you to review a proof or you are reviewing a proof in the Proofing Viewer, you can now quickly access the Document details page for the proof. On this page, you can see the Workfront object (such as a task, project, or issue) associated with the proof. This provides context to help you understand the work you need to do on the proof.

This functionality might work only for new users you add to your system. This issue is temporary.

For more information, see the article .


Change Your Email Notifications in the Proofing Viewer change-your-email-notifications-in-the-proofing-viewer

Now all proofing reviewers can specify which proof notifications they want to receive for a proof. This is particularly important when collaborating with external stakeholders.

Previously, only the proof owner or traffic manager could configure a proof’s email alerts for the reviewers they added to the proof. External collaborators were unable to control which email alerts they received about the proof because they did not have the required access to Workfront, nor the appropriate permission level.

These settings are separate from the email alert settings you can configure in Workfront.

For more information, see Manage notifications for proof comments and decisions


Change the Background Color in the Desktop Proofing Viewer change-the-background-color-in-the-desktop-proofing-viewer

Now you can change the background color of the Desktop Proofing Viewer from the default near-black color to white. This makes it easier to see proofing content that has a transparent background.

For more information, see Configure proofing viewer settings.


Clear Cached Browser Data from a Proof in the Desktop Proofing Viewer clear-cached-browser-data-from-a-proof-in-the-desktop-proofing-viewer

When your browser’s cookie and cache settings are set to block content such as pop-ups, this blocking behavior can also occur in the Desktop Proofing Viewer, making it impossible for reviewers to see and comment on the pop-up content in your proof.

Now you can clear the browser cache data that may be saved with a proof so that all content appears in the Desktop Proofing Viewer and reviewers can see and comment on it.

For more information, see Configure proofing viewer settings.