New Adobe Workfront managed system to replace POP email for Request Queues with 21.1

We’re replacing the POP email option for request queues with a new Adobe Workfront-managed system. You will still be able to submit requests via email, but you’ll need to set up a new Workfront managed email address in the Request Queue area instead.

Why are you removing the POP email option?

POP technology is an unreliable, less secure email option. In addition, we see a lot of customer issues related specifically to POP email. Making the change to a Workfront managed system will result in a more reliable experience.

What action do I need to take?

You need to set up a new email address for each request queue you have set up with POP email in your Production environment and distribute the new email address as needed. For more information, see Enable users to email an issue into a Request Queue project.

What is the transition plan?

Starting with the 21.1 release in early February, you’ll have 60 days to transition your users to the new email address you create. During the 60 day period, the POP email used previously will continue to work.

How can I test this in Preview?

To test this change in preview, you need to enable emails in your Preview environment. To do this, follow the instructions in the Managing emails in preview section in Enable delivery of emails from the Preview Sandbox environment.

What you set here will not be carried over to your Production environment. You’ll need to go through this process again after the functionality is released to Production.