21.4 Requests enhancements

This page describes all Requests enhancements made with the 21.4 release to the Preview environment. These enhancements will be made available in the Production environment the week of October 4, 2021.

For a list of all changes available with the 21.4 release, see 21.4 Release overview.

Improved search for requests now includes special characters

To make finding request queues faster and easier when submitting requests, we have improved the search algorithm to now find queues that might contain any special characters.

For example, you can find a request queue named “*Workfront” by typing either “*Workfront” or “Workfront” in the Request Type field.

All special characters are supported.

For information about submitting requests, see Create and submit Adobe Workfront requests.

New look and feel for embedded request queues in the new Workfront experience

This feature is available only in the new Adobe Workfront experience.

To keep the look and feel for submitting requests the same everywhere in the new Workfront experience, we have redesigned the interface for adding requests to an embedded request queue. Prior to this enhancement, the interface for adding requests from a dashboard matched the Workfront classic environment.

For information, see Embed a request queue in a dashboard.