Top navigation bar overview

The top navigation bar — which appears at the top of your screen in Adobe Workfront — allows you to easily find and navigate to other areas of the platform.

Top navigation bar

Home icon

The Home icon takes you to the Home page, which is the default landing page.

By default, the Home icon opens the Home area. For more information about Home, see Use the Home area.

Your Workfront administrator can customize the Home icon to open a different page by creating a layout template and assigning it to you. For more information, see Customize the landing page using a layout template.

Pinned pages

You can pin pages that you visit frequently so that they display within the top navigation bar. To learn more about pinned pages, see Pin pages to customize your workspace.

Help menu

The Help menu allows you to search for help with a specific task, find more information on using Workfront, view content related to the page you are currently on, or submit feedback about your experience.

To learn more about the Help menu, see Access Adobe Workfront help.

Notifications menu

The blue numbered box in the top-right corner of the screen opens a list of notifications.

You can access the following from the Notifications menu:

  • Notifications: These are alerts generated by Workfront when certain conditions are met to let you know of information that might need your attention.

  • Announcements: Announcements sent out by your Workfront administrator about important topics.

To learn more about notifications and announcements, see View and manage in-app notifications.

Favorites menu

The Favorites icon Favorites opens a list of pages in the system that you have marked as favorites. You can add the page that you’re currently on from within this menu.

To learn more about favorites, see View and manage favorites.

Recents menu

The Recents icon Recents opens a list of pages you have visited recently.

To learn more about recents, see View recent items.

Search menu

The Search icon in the top-right corner of Workfront allows you to perform a basic search, restrict your search to a specific object, or use Advanced Search to search for a keyword for a specific object and use filters to limit your search to specific fields.

To learn more about search, see Search Adobe Workfront.

The Main Menu described on this page applies only to organizations that are not yet onboarded to Adobe Experience Cloud.
If your organization has been onboarded to Adobe Experience Cloud, see Adobe Unified Experience for Workfront.

The Main Menu icon Main Menu opens the Main Menu, from where you can navigate to a different area of Workfront.

The options that are available in the Main Menu are dependent on:

Main menu options

Each icon takes you to a different area of Workfront.

To learn more about each area, see:

In the lower part of the Main Menu, you can access the following:


Clicking Setup takes you to the Setup area where you can configure different aspects of your Workfront account. Depending on your access settings, what you can configure may be limited.

For more information on the Setup area, see Administration and setup: article index.


Clicking Help takes you to Adobe Experience League where you can access help articles, find training, submit a customer support ticket, and so on.

For more information on Experience League or other methods of getting help, see Your quick guide to finding help in Adobe Workfront.

Clicking Logout logs you out of Workfront.