Automated Workflow Stages overview

Proof stages are segments of time in which different users review a proof. As the proof moves from one stage to the next, Adobe Workfront notifies the reviewers to tell them when it’s time to work on it.


Stages occur in two different situations:

Create a proof with an Automated workflow create-a-proof-with-an-automated-workflow

When you add an automated workflow to a proof, you set up the stages of review work you want to occur.

When you set up stages for a proof with an automatic workflow:

  • You can configure the stages to run consecutively or simultaneously.
  • You can configure some stages to become active only after a previous stage is completed.
  • You can make some stages private. This is useful, for example, for an agency that reviews a proof before it is shared with a client and does not want the resulting comments visible to the client.

For instructions on creating stages for a proof with an automated workflow, see Create an advanced proof with an Automated workflow.

If a user isn’t included on any stages but has access to the document and opens the proof, the system creates a stage called Workfront.
The user who opened the proof is assigned the role specified in Setup > Review and Approval > Roles for non-recipients that open a document proof.

Assign deadlines for different reviewers on a proof assign-deadlines-for-different-reviewers-on-a-proof

When you assign different proofing deadlines to reviewers on a proof, the system creates a stage for each deadline and groups the reviewers for each deadline in the corresponding stage.

Example: For example, if you create a proof with four reviewers:

  • For reviewers Olivia and Tony, you specify a deadline for 14:00 a few days from now.
  • For Aaron and Amy, you specify a deadline for 17:00 a few days later.
  • You don’t specify a deadline for yourself.

The system creates a stage for each of these three “groups” of reviewers:


If you share the proof with another reviewer, and do not specify a deadline, Workfront adds the user to Stage 3, where there is no deadline.