Move Users Between Accounts using Workfront Proof

This article refers to functionality in the standalone product Workfront Proof. For information on proofing inside Adobe Workfront, see Proofing.

If you are a Workfront Proof administrator and you have one or more satellite accounts connected to your main account, you can move the users between all these accounts.

Moving Users Between Connected Accounts

  1. Click Settings > Account settings.

  2. Open the Users tab.

  3. Click the Move user icon (1). Move_user2.png

  4. In the Move user box that appears, confirm the user you want to move (1).

  5. Select a destination account from the connected accounts list (2).

  6. Assign the profile permission (3) that this user should have on the new account.

  7. Select a user (4) who should take ownership of the items that won’t be moved.
    This includes the items that you will decide to leave on the old account and the items that can’t be moved (see Items That Can’t Be Moved below).

  8. Check the checkboxes if you want to move the proofs (5) and files (6) along with the user.

  9. Create a name for the folder (7) in which all the moved items will be placed on the new account.

  10. Click Move user (8) to start the process.

If you choose to move the user without their proofs and files then this action will be performed straight away. If you choose to move the user along with their proofs and files, the user’s profile will be reassigned straight away, but the proofs and files will be gradually appearing on the destination account as this operation requires time to transfer the data.

Depending on the number of files and proofs moving process may take anything from a few minutes up to a few hours.

If you suspect that the process takes longer than expected or the moved proofs and / or files don’t appear on the new account, please contact our Support team.

Items That Can’t be Moved

Folders Created or Owned by the Moved User

Due to the nature of various permissions applied to folders and its contents (e.g., they may be shared with other users and accounts) we are unable to move folder structures with the user.

If a folder is owned by the moved user, ownership will be transferred to the selected user (4) in the “Move user” pop-up.

If a folder has been created by the moved user, they will remain its creator - only the ownership will be transferred. The folder will be remain visible to the moved user in the sidebar of their new account. The moved user will still have “Read Only” access to the items placed inside these folders.

If you don’t want the moved user to keep such permissions or the moved user does not want to see their old folders on the old& account, the solution here would be to delete the folders as follows:

  1. Create a new folder on the old account.
  2. Move all the items from the moved user’s folders to the newly created one.
  3. Delete all the folders left by the moved user.

Sets of Versions With Different Owners

If a proof has a few versions and each of them is owned by a different user the versions owned by the moved user will not be moved along. Ownership of such versions will be transferred on to another user as per your choice (4) in the Move user box. (For more information, see .)

A moved user needs to own all the proof versions in the set in order for the proof to be moved along.


Groups will need to be re-created by the moved user on their new account. For more information, see Create Proofing Groups using Workfront Proof.

Custom Views

Personal Custom views will need to be re-created by the moved user on their new account. For more information, see Create and Manage Custom Views in Workfront Proof Proof.

Custom Fields

Custom Fields cannot be moved and data from custom fields will be lost, so make sure you generate the reports on the required items prior to the move.

Automated Workflow Templates

Automated Workflow Templates need to be recreated on the new account, but the stages will be retained on the moved proofs created with the templates.

Actions on Comments

Actions on Comments will remain on the proofs, but it will not be possible to filter by them any more. Solution would be to create matching Actions on the new account and re-flag the comments with the new actions if needed.