Deactivate a User via the API

When a user leaves your organization, you can deactivate the user, making their Adobe Workfront license available for another user and preventing them from being inadvertently assigned work. By deactivating a user, you preserve their work history, including their work assignments and their association with notes, hours, and documents.

To learn more about deactivating a user, see " Deactivate or reactivate a user.

For information about using the Core API, see API basics.

To deactivate a user via the API:

  1. Generate an API key by using the following API request:
  1. Locate the GUID for the user you want to deactivate.

    1. Use the following API request to retrieve the GUID for all users in your system, note that the isActive field shows true for users that are currently active and false for users that have been deactivated:
  1. Locate the GUID for the user you want to deactivate, use the following PUT request to change the user’s isActive field value to false:
<domain>``<user's GUID>`?updates={"isActive":"false"}&method=put&apiKey=`<apiKey>`&fields=isActive
  1. The response will show that the isActive field value has changed from true to false indicating that the user has been deactivated:
            ID: "592125e60089b88fae8b51c08383e144",
            name: "Tyler Reid",
            objCode: "USER",
            isActive: false