Fourth Quarter 2023 Project enhancements

This page describes all project enhancements made with the Fourth Quarter 2023 release to the Preview environment. These enhancements were made available in the Production environment with the 23.10 release.

For a list of all changes available at this point in the Fourth Quarter 2023 release cycle, see Fourth Quarter 2023 release overview.

New document approvals

Document approvals are being redesigned in a phased rollout that will be made available to more users with each release.

In this release, the approval process has been streamlined for both creating approvals and approving/reviewing documents, in addition to new functionality. Specific enhancements include:

  • Improved interface for changing a user between a reviewer and an approver
  • Improved process for adding an external approver or reviewer
  • Improved approve and review experience for external approvers and reviewers

For more information on using the new document approvals, see New Document Approvals overview.

View a video demonstration of this feature.

Updated design when adding a new issue to a project

This update has been announced with the 23.3 release.

We have updated the New Issue box which displays when submitting a new issue to a project. Now, the interface matches the New request box which displays when submitting a new request to a request queue.

For more information, see Create issues.

Dynamic re-calculation of calculated fields on forms

Calculated fields on a form attached to an object are now dynamically re-calculated in real time when dependent values on any form on the page are modified. This allows you to see the updated results without saving the form.

The way that the fields are calculated has not changed.

A small number of form fields will not have dynamic re-calculation, on pages that have not been modernized.

For more information, see Edit information in custom form fields.

View a video demonstration of this feature.

Set planned hours on child recurring tasks with Simple duration type without assignments

We have made a change in the way Planned Hours are allocated to recurring tasks with no assignments and a Simple duration type. Now, when you set Planned Hours on a new recurring task with a Simple Duration Type and no assignments, the hours are also allocated to the individual recurrences. Prior to this change, the hours were not saved for individual recurrences when the parent tasks were unassigned.

For information about creating recurring tasks, see Create recurring tasks.

Real-time updates on task list

Tasks lists now update in real-time. Changes made to a task are updated in the task list, so that a user viewing the task list can see the change without refreshing the page.