Uploading files via the API

You can upload files using WorkFront APIs with API tools, such as Postman, or with simple cURL commands.

To upload documents, see the instructions for Uploading Documents in WorkFront Post Behavior. You can also use these same instructions for cURL requests.

When using API tools to upload files, follow these guidelines:

  • Use your API tool option to upload your file. These is often a Choose File button on the request screen.

  • Use the POST HTTP method to make the request to upload the file.

  • Your request should result in a response that includes a value for its handle.

  • Use the handle value, the object type, and the GUID value for the objID in a JSON payload to make a subsequent call. This is for creating the object for your file, as in the following example:

"name": "TestPDF",
"handle": "7af257e64aba4a22c33ccdfc40bbb87",
"docObjCode": "PROJ",
"objID": "0398450f8345980843445534354",
"currentVersion": {"version": "v1.0", "fileName" : "TestPDF"},

You should receive an ID for the object in the response.

Refer to the help of the specific API tool you are using for more information.